New things.

I am not entirely sure as to why it took me so long to finally put together a myspace for my Spoken Word, I've been wanting to do it for a long time.
In any case, it is up, and it has two three tracks as of now.
Some of you may have heard the original version of the track "Type 2", but it has since been re-recorded.
This page will also probably feature works-in-progress, as I am too damn hasty.

In any case...


Something for everyone (ft. Smurfs).

"Our Earth is filled with finite resources that we, as the Human Race, exploit for personal gain. Oil, Fish Stocks, Forests, Clean Air, and water are just a few of the resources that nobody “owns,” but everybody needs in order to survive..."
Click the link to continue.

The Tragedy of The Commons Explained With Smurfs



So, if you are not aware of who Saul Williams is, you really should.
In 1998, he made a movie called "Slam", and interestingly enough, it is on youtube, split perfectly into 12 parts.
I have decided to organize them all onto this blog.

(it is wonderful to finally have the internet)

To any sensitive viewers, please read at the bottom of this blog before watching the film.
I won't mention anything here as to avoid any spoilers for those about to watch.
I also will not give my thoughts towards the movie, so that you can make your own decision.

Please enjoy.

*For the sensitive viewers, this film includes:
nudity, a sex scene, and "adult themes".