[travel & flowers]

I am in Kanoya yet again for my business trip.
I will return Saturday night, by ferry, see some people I love, and set out once again on Monday; this time to Kumamoto for a meeting.
The day after that, I will journey to Beppu, Oita Prefecture, to substitute for one week. Even though I will lose valuable holidays, I will also get a chance to see the beauty that is Beppu, and I will be paid to go.
Hopefully work doesn't take up all of my time. I would love to do some Onsen hunting.

I've been listening to the vinyl of Radiohead's new album (albeit, online), and it is quite stirring. I wish I had a turntable, and that I could've somehow brought it to the hotel with me.
I still go shopping for vinyl from time to time, but every record I buy I give to my friend Hana, as he is part of a collaboration of DJ's in my town, Kokubu.
So far, I have given him "The Karate Kid OST", "Superman OST", and David Bowie's "Loving The Alien (Dub Remix, House Remix, Personal Remix)", all on vinyl.
Blasting "You're The Best" at 5am in Rastas (the bar which Hana works at) while doing shots, singing along, and getting weird looks from the last few remaining customers is certainly one of my high-points in Japan.
Hana and I are trying to plan a trip to his hometown, Nara, before I leave to spend some much needed time together, take in the sights, and hang out with his parents (in Japan, that means an unofficial drinking contest with us and his father).
Just thinking about it gets my hopes perhaps far too high. It's difficult for both of us to book holidays.
Even still, his is the most important friendship I have so far found in Japan--talking for four hours about philosophy the first time we hung out while not being able to speak the same language can hopefully give some idea as to why.
He knew I was in Kanoya tonight, but called to say hi.

Fucking wonderful.


New Layouts Feel Good.

Too many things to say, and I have neither enough time nor language to explain them.

Life feels good, I am discovering more of myself every day.
I have been contemplating much of my history here as of late.

I began to wonder, tonight, if those I know and have known would recognize me after a ten-minute conversation.


[yesterday's thoughts]

I would like to write my way into
the sun-stained wind
& blow colour into the photographs
as I make them dance,
all tied together in a series of strings.
I move back and forth to hear
the sound of loosened strings
I would move
the music into all our ears & fly
past your iris to watch
the colours swim
as the water floods in
& wish to send my sight back
to you,
to see what I do.


[to read]

Currently, I am reading:
"A Brief History of Time" (I read "A Briefer History of Time" a while back)
"All About Particles" (which surrounds the study of most every Japanese grammatical particle [e.g. "は(Wa)", "ってば(-Tteba)", "すら(Sura)", etc.])
"The Essential Rumi" (one of the best gifts I've ever been given)
"Decoding Kanji" (dealing with things like "Form-Meaning Relationship of Semantic Compounds" and "Phonetic Compounds with the Same Phonetic but Different Readings", and all of the positional classifiers)

I do all of this while also carrying three notebooks with me all of the time, just in case I need to find something important on a certain page.
I think I'm starting to lose it.
I was eating dinner tonight by myself, and with no one to distract me from my thoughts I began to notice that my long-range vision isn't as good as I remember it being.
I find that I ponder Light an awful lot.
If I could pick a super-power, it would be the ability to bond with and manipulate Light.
Lately though, my energies have been mostly spent on anxiety. It would do me well to snap out of it, but when one experiments with living in the Present, it causes worry when one snaps back into a Linear Time-Frame. If I was Light, however, I would have the benefits of Space-Time. Thus, the Present would be the Past would be the Future would be the Present.
Even The Green Lantern (after he absorbed all of the energy of The Guardians in order to save it from being dispersed or used for evil, and thus became the most powerful superhero in the history of DC Comics; a being many would call "God-like") couldn't stop me.

I suppose the easiest way to say all of this is that I do not wish to be God, rather, simply unbound.

Perhaps then I could finish these books.


Too wonderful to avoid.

This is something that Scott Gibson brought to my attention this morning, along with a perfect statement, which was,

"If you have ever doubted the internet, you never will again."

He is correct.



[it's always apologies]

Sorry for the lack of updates lately.
The problem lies in the fact that I have far too many amazing things to write about, but I'm not sure where to start.
My brain gets too cluttered.
Also, I have a headache, and right now thinking hurts.

I'll see if I can try to put a worthwhile blog together soon, probably when my head cools off.