Fuck blogging tonight.
Mostly though, fuck Facebook.
I have finally joined, my protest has ended, and I am ashamed of myself.
I've fallen in with a bad e-crowd.

There's always so much to blog about these days,
I find myself lost as soon as I hit the keyboard.

I'll sum up some things in point form from the last month, because otherwise too many will become essays:

-I've worn a Yukata (this one probably wouldn't be an essay).
-I've been to an underground Japanese punk-rock, rock, and hard-core show.
-I've met "Ms. Kagoshima", and we've become friends.
-I've out-djembe'd a group of Japanese people.
-The best bar I've yet to find in Kokubu is a 30-second walk from my house.
-I'm averaging a book a week (please, please send me books).
-A man from Kenya moved in the apartment above me.
-I've performed a spoken word session at an "Art-Night" some foreigners put on.
-I have been gifted a rice cooker, juicer (which I have yet to use), and an old bicycle.
-I ate almost nothing but rice for a week (rice is cheap).
-I've somehow attained a modelling job in September.
-I've attained a part-time job teaching English to, most probably, members of Yakuza (which has yet to start).
-Days after her boyfriend died, a very interesting girl claimed to have fallen in love with me.

The last is something which deserves far more form than that of a point.
Try as I might, I just can't put the thoughts to ink without my fingers stuttering.



I'm writing this in my hotel room in Fukuoka.
I was rather spontaneously sent to this area by plane this morning to help out as there aren't enough foreign teachers at the moment.
Getting to schools you've never been to before can be difficult, as it's always a matter of catching 1 or more trains and usually several busses.
There's also the matter of the time that it takes. It's normal to have to make a two-hour trip to get to your classroom.
Except for today. Today took almost 6 hours of trains, planes, and automobiles, followed by teaching 3 classes.
It's as difficult as it is tiring.
But I should be honoured that they decided to send me on this important journey.
I'm also happy to see an area of Japan that I wouldn't have seen any other way, even though it is only for two days.
To take advantage of the trip, I cancelled my return flight ticket and bought a Shinkansen ticket instead; this way I can spend about an hour and a half sitting by a window and taking it all in.
While in the air this morning, I realized I had made a good decision.
These lower areas of Japan have some of the most beautiful nature I have ever seen.
I'll be back in Kokubu come Sunday, and I can't wait.
Some foreign teachers and Japanese teachers are all heading out to an island for two days of camping on the ocean.
The only thing I can be sure of is that I will be wearing nothing but Thai pants and either sandals or my Tabi's for the entire time, depending on if the situation calls for relaxation or Parkour.

I fucking need this holiday, for not many other reasons than that the last few days have held more drama than I thought myself capable of handling, and I almost couldn't.
It's an event that took approximately only two days, but I still can't figure out a way to structure it onto paper (or HTML) just yet, and since I'm worried about Kaare's BAHD (Blog Attention Deficit Disorder), I will end this one here, and work my next adventurous story out in my head.




Summer School (aka: teaching brand new curriculum coupled with 8 solid days of bus and train transit adventures [which take hours] to different towns every two days, having to arrive at the classroom before noon) is done!

Never, for the entirety of my employment with KTC, will I ever have to do it again.

As a result of it however, my teaching skills have leveled up at least four times.
My job status of Teacher is also increased, and I can now get into certain castles I couldn't before; I'm also capable of carrying more powerful weapons.

We had a second typhoon here during the last two days of SS. Classes were almost cancelled, but by that point every teacher was willing to walk through wind-whipping violence if it meant getting to the finish line faster. So we did. We now have three days off, and I have no idea what to do with myself.
Today was the first day off in almost 2 weeks, and being in a pattern of work, I was a little shaken with the idea that I actually didn't have to worry about when I got up, and that I had to do no prep-work before sleeping.
Not knowing what to do with myself today, I cleaned my apartment from floor to ceiling, drank pot after pot of green tea (which is fantastic here, if you didn't know), and read the last half of "Brave New World", which turned out to be much different than I anticipated. I'm glad that I finally got to reading it.
It only took me about 3 days to read...Notably faster than if I had read it 4 months ago.

In the spirit of not working, I'm heading out to catch a train to Kagoshima-chuo.
There's this DJ thing happening around midnight, so I'm meeting up with Adam and we're going to check it out.
I'm looking forward to getting out of the apartment, or a classroom, and letting off a little steam.

We'll see how the night goes.

Also, if anyone's interested, I have a keitai (cell phone) now, and it can receive e-mails and such.

The address is mandrake.mechanism@softbank.ne.jp
I can't always make it to a computer, but if you want to send a message, or a picture, or an e-hug, that would make me smile.